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7 Steps to Conquering Health Coach Overwhelm
February 19, 2020

It’s just too much.

I mean, one expert recommends you use Instagram to grow your practice.

The next one says Pinterest is where it’s at.

No one is using Facebook anymore, but Twitter is making a comeback.

You should definitely write blog posts. The SEO will send you all kinds of website traffic.

Start a podcast, too. Because everyone listens to podcasts, these days.

And since YouTube is owned by The Google, you want to be uploading consistent videos. That way your content will rank high on Google searches.

Next thing you know, you’re trying to manage 5 social media accounts and you’ve got a closet full of pricey video cameras, light kits, wireless mics, and podcasting equipment that you never use. 

So, what do you do?

You work the seven ones.

I learned this nifty framework from Taki Moore in his book Million Dollar Coach. (I’ve updated his “five ones” to seven.)

Here’s how the seven ones work …

First one: Pick one target market — that’s one ideal client with one problem you solve.

Second one: Choose one product or service to sell. For you, this would be one coaching package. No a la carte one-off sessions. No mini-packages. Just one single coaching package that you sell to anyone and everyone who jumps on a Discovery Call with you. 

Third one: One conversion tool. In other words, pick one way to enroll new clients. This could be one-on-one Discovery Calls, live or recorded online webinars, or in-person events and lectures. Choose only one and get really good at it.

Fourth one: One medium. There are 3 primary mediums of expression on the internet — blogging, podcasting, and video. The good news is that all of them are effective. Problem is, if you try to do them all you’ll go a little nuts. 

Pick the one that feels like the lowest hanging fruit for you. If you like to write, blog away. If you like talking about all things health with other experts, start an interview podcast. If you like to get in front of people and teach, launch a YouTube channel. You’ll be tempted to do them all. Don’t do it. Roll with one and only one.

Fifth one: One email per week. Wondering how often you should email your subscribers? There are no hard and fast rules around the frequency of your email broadcasts. Some businesses email every day; others mail twice a month. For now, aim for one email per week. Ideally on the same day. (For example, send out your weekly email every Tuesday morning at 9am.) Your subscribers will appreciate the consistency. Even if they don’t open and read them all, seeing your name in their inbox every week will keep you top-of-mind. What should you email them? Your latest blog post, video, or podcast episode. See “the forth one” above. Become known for delivering massive value.

Sixth one: One social media platform. Posting high-quality content and responding to comments on IG, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can quickly turn into a part-time job. And when you’re trying to do all of them, you won’t be that good at any of them. Pick one and master it!

Seventh one: ONE YEAR. Things take time. No one — and I mean no one! — ever mastered anything overnight. The coach with 100,000 followers probably had 37 in her third month on Instagram. Patience, my friend.

Be the hockey stick. Have you ever seen a graph that looks like a hockey stick? Ever so slowly building up over time and then, BAM, a spike! THAT could not only be your social media followers spiking but your coaching practice in general. But it won’t happen when you switch your niche, or drop one service for another, or change your conversion tool, or give up video for podcasting after 2 or 3 months because things aren’t growing fast enough for you. Every time you change things up, you rewind the hockey stick graph right back to day zero. Don’t do that. Give it time. Give it a year. At least. 

If you want help with any or all of the seven ones above, schedule a FREE Strategy Session with me today.


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